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2009 Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year

Christina Aguchi

Private Dancer Magazine's CenterStage girl for May 2009 is the reigning Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year, Christina Aguchi. She won that honor back in October, beating out the top performers representing Spearmint Rhino clubs from across the country. Christina recently participated in the annual Penthouse Golden G-string Awards held at the Penthouse Club in New Orleans and was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Showgirl division. In early 2008, she retired from a brief career in the adult film industry where she worked for such companies as Adam & Eve, Hustler Video and Wicked Pictures. We recently caught up with the Asian hardbody while taking a break from her cross country tour of Spearmint Rhino clubs.

Private Dancer Magazine (PDM): Where are you from originally?
Christina Aguchi (CA): Baton Rouge, LA

PDM: What was your life like growing up?
CA: I had a great childhood. I grew up in a nice little town with amazing friends, a wonderful family.

PDM: How and when did you decide to get into the business?
CA: I was actually conned into the biz. I was on one model place one day and a photographer said that he was going to fly me to L.A. for a bikini shoot which pays 1000 dollars. He flew me out here. I had no money and he took me and this other girl to his house and said, "let's shoot the scene." My ego did not let me call home and tell my mom to fly me back and that this was a mistake. So I ended up shooting the scene and making 1000 dollars cash. The money came so quick and easy. I knew if that was that easy, there's gotta be a way to make more. And that is how I and most people in California get stuck.

PDM: What was your first experience in the business like?
CA: Horrible...(read the above LOL)

PDM: What is the craziest/funniest thing that ever happened to you in the business?
CA: Jack Napier and I was sitting BTS and this girl ran straight into a glass door right in front of it. I mean knocked herself out. The door looked like it was open. I hope it's not one of those you had to be there for it to be funny moments LOL

PDM: Does your family know about your chosen profession and how do they feel about it?
CA: Unfortunately I am no longer performing. Just dancing, but yes they do know and as parents they will love me no matter what. Seeing me retire from film made them realize that I am old enough to made decisions on my own.

PDM: What do you like about the business? What don't you like?
CA: Of course, the attention, the money and the short term celebritism. Cons-the drugs, the influence, the cut-throat people, and the fact that everyone is for themselves.

PDM: What are your hobbies and interests outside of the work?
CA: I love dancing, spending time with my dogs. Boyfriend. And most importantly, pole dancing. It’s my only workout. I’m pretty fucking great at it if you ask me

PDM: Personally and/or professionally, What you do see yourself doing in 5 years? In 10 years?
CA: In about 5 years, I will be completely retired for anything related to the adult industry. I will no longer be living in California, I will marry my boyfriend, probably have a few kids, and an established business I can call my own little empire. I figure I won’t look like this forever and there is a small window in which I can do this and that time is now. Work hard, save my money, and get the fuck out of L.A. LOL.

PDM: What do you look for in a guy?
CA: Good looking of course, great sense of humor, takes care of himself, and older than me by at least 10 years. I like the type of man that can always teach me something new.

PDM: What do you value most in life?
CA: I value the fact that I wake up every morning with no regrets. Accepting the mistakes in my life and not deny them. Only take them as a lesson learned and move on. Value my loving family and I guess most importantly, life itself.

PDM: What projects you are currently working on? What can we expect from you in the very near future?
CA: Right now, my current career is feature dancing. I have a year contract with the Spearmint Rhino; the greatest clubs with the most wonderful people I've ever worked with in them. I am currently hitting all the rhinos across the country, booked by of course Tony Lee of the Lee Network. I can't wait till October for the next Entertainer of the Year. I'm very curious to know who I will be passing the crown onto. LOL.
And aside from the Rhinos, I am exclusively booked through feature dancing agencies A List Features and Continental Agency with Dave Michaels and Frank Bane. Those two guys keep me bouncing around and fills up my non Rhino weekends. Thanks D. Michaels and Uncle Frank. Thank you so much Private Dancer for your time. I’ll hope to see you all on the road in the near future.

For more info on Christina and her feature schedule, go to

Some of her upcoming appearances include: Spearmint Rhino Oxnard, April 30 – May 2; Spearmint Rhino Rialto, May 7 – 9; Spearmint Rhino Los Angeles, June 4 – 6; Spearmint Rhino Santa Maria, June 12 – 14; and Pure Gold in Wilmington, NC, June 17 – 19.

Christina will also be competing in the Exotic Dancer National Championships at the Pink Pony South in Atlanta, May 28 – 31.





Story by: Andy Enomoto

Name: Christina Aguchi
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 36D-26-34
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Astrological sign: Gemini
Nationality: Chinese & Vietnamese
Claim to Fame: 2009 Spearmint Rhino Entertainer of the Year, Penthouse G-String Awards Bronze Medalist.

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