Balconies and Beads...
PDM Invades Mardis Gras
Private Dancer Girls, Schevelle, Shay Lynn and Robyn Foxx Heat Up The New Orleans French Quarter

by Schevelle
special contributor

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When you think of the many staple celebrations that take place in this country, none conjure the lively energy and lustful imagery quite like Mardi Gras. The meaning alone says it all, which is to say “Mardi” is French for “Tuesday” and “Gras” is French for “fat”. I am of the philosophy that anything involving good food and good alcohol, means good times. Mardi Gras is actually a time-honored tradition of mocking the monarchy of Europe. Have things really changed? And where does the tradition of the mask come from? It is for the same reason that the men and women wore mask in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, anonymity. Really, who wants to be identified when you are making fun of people who can have your head cut off?

So I headed out to partake of the festivities and I did so by exploring The French Quarter and Bourbon Street with the bosomy Robyn Foxx and capped it off with my raven-haired partner in crime and fun, Shay Lynn. I was unsure of what to expect considering what the city went through with Katrina. My sense it that the spirit of the city is alive and well.

It was the best time of the day, almost dusk, and Robyn Foxx and I were on the prowl down Bourbon Street. I was informed by Robyn that this was her first time to Mardi Gras and I thought, girl, they are going to LOVE you. The flame-haired entertainer is fierce even at her barely five-foot frame, and when she parted her jacket to reveal her ample bosom, the street crowd too parted, like a river. And there in the middle of the street stood this bronze figure. A man completely painted bronze everything, hair, face, clothes, he stood like a statue right in the middle of the street. Since Robyn and I were decked out in silver we HAD to meet our bronzed counterpart. After causing a stir there it was off to see the sights…and run into the police. Yes, there the men in blue were posed on top of their motorcycles looking so….well police-like. So we decided to corrupt them a little. What can I say; our silver outfit matched them and their motorcycles too. Finally we ended up at La Feet’s one of the oldest, longest standing bars in “Nawlins”. La Feet’s has no electricity, never has. Way back when they opened there was no such thing as electricity. It is still that way today not because of the hard economic times, but by choice. To this day, they still function without electricity, they use lamps and candles. Sounds like my kind of place – pirates welcome!

It was at this point that Robyn and I decided to wet our whistle at the always-coveted Mardi Gras balcony party.

When we got to the balcony party it was hopping with food, drink, music, beads and beautiful women for us to uh, well… play with, undress, etc. Speaking of beauties, I meet up with Shay Lynn and she handed me some beads, I didn’t even have to show her for them, but I did anyway. It is Mardi Gras!

As we began to throw beads, I noticed something. Throwing beads from the balcony is a lot like fishing. You hang the bait, (the beads and boobies), and the people begin to slow and congregate then they look up and wait with anticipation just like fish do. This is how it works. They scream, and a little show of skin, then come the beads. Robyn, Shay and I teased them into a frenzy and then threw the beads. That one act wa so exhilarating. The act of throwing beads or being on a balcony is not all that, but at that place and that time, it was the COOLEST. It was so funny what people were willing to do for those beads. Contrary to popular belief, the women don’t show that much…however they were more than willing to strip their men for your pleasure to get some beads. I asked one guy to show his buns and he shook his head no, (rather prudish) then his girlfriend grabbed his pants and started yanking them down. Best to just let her do it, buddy. So after we fed the fish, it was time to dance… in a competition.

The next day was the first day of the Penthouse Golden G-String Awards. Yes, we feature entertainers DO have competitions. So Shay, Robyn and I headed to the Penthouse Club to meet up with our friends and fellow feature entertainers to get down and get naked.

Editor's Note: A Special Thank You go out to LANCE and JULIE OSTENDORF for allowing the girls to party with them on their balconcy. Also, a special shout out to CHUCK of the New Orleans Penthouse Club for being such a gracious host during our stay in New Orleans.


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