Penthouse House Hosts Annual G-String Awards
Rachelle Laree Wins The Overall Gold Medal; Keira Riley Is Awarded The Silver; Schevelle Takes Home The Bronze

by Schevelle
special contributor

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Every year there are several contests that take place within the feature industry in which features battle it out for titles, bookings and prizes. The first one of the year is the Penthouse G-String Awards. It follows the day after the Mardi Gras debauchery and binging, and starts on the first day of Lent (for all of you non-Catholics Lent begins the period of fasting and sacrificing). Kind of ironic isn’t it?

Now Mardi Gras is a tough act to follow, this contest The G-String Awards is invitation only and showcases the talent of both, new and well known feature entertainers that includes magazine models, show girls and centerfolds. The G-String Awards are held in New Orleans at the Penthouse Club down in the French Quarter so… laissez les bon temp ton roulez!!!

The twelve contestants of this year’s contest cranked up the level of stage entertainment with everything from boulders flying through the stage to rope-slide entrances. Backstage the nerves and jitters were apparent as they would be for any contest. No, ladies and gentlemen, just because you take your clothing off doesn’t mean that the contest is any easier. While the entertainers fretted behind the curtain, it was all smiles and poise on stage.

Rachelle Laree, in her Indiana Jones themed show, balanced on her head, then she spun around and stopped just long enough to take a customer’s hat off with her toe, all while still upside down and on her head. Gia Nova left the audience speechless with her trademark “grinder” bra routine. The sparks were literally flying. Then entered Shay Lynn, boy did she enter, at Mach 1 speed from a rope hanging from the rafters. To keep the aerial tricks rolling Ms. Pason performed on her suspended hoop. She did this trick where she makes the shape of an “X” with her body then turns upside down inside the hoop.

Brandi Morgan, what a tall drink of water she is, seductively belly-danced herself naked until all you could think of was being a sultan with her in your harem.

I had never met Christina Aguchi until the contest, but I think that I will see and hear a lot more about her in the future. Her “Phantom of the Opera” show was both intriguing and sensual. Other newcomers included Robyn Foxx and Jaded Dawn.

Like I have said in previous contest articles, it is difficult to write about myself because I was competing. I will just say this about my shows, if you blink during my Geisha set, you may lose track of the show. If you are curious, come see my show in Atlanta at the Exotic Dancer National Championships. I, and many of these same performers, will be there in May at the Pink Pony South. These contests are so much fun for the audience to watch because it puts together in one place, the best and most competitive of the feature entertainers. Even if each contestant can’t win, the audience is always a winner.

A foot note, if these shows sound like a lot of work and set-up…believe me they are. None of these shows could be done without the sweat and hard work of the stage crew that try to stay invisible and behind the scenes blending in like a piece of furniture. While you are looking at the beautiful body and are mesmerized by the show on stage, multiple people are sweating and working behind the scenes for that to happen, just like in any big stage production. So next time you see that roadie and you say, “Man I want your job.” Well, be careful of what you ask for.

Now, for the finale’. May I have the envelope please?

The Overall Winners of the Penthouse G-String Awards
Gold: Rachelle Laree
Silver: Keira Reily
Bronze: Schevelle

The Divisions:
Gold: Rachelle Laree
Silver: Shay Lynn
Double Bronze: Natalie Ocean and Brandi Morgan

Gold: Keira Reily
Silver: Ms. Pason
Double Bronze: Christina Aguchi and Robyn Foxx

Gold: Schevelle
Silver: Gia Nova
Bronze: Jaded Dawn

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