BREAKING NEWS: Feature Entertainer Erika Eve Has Passed Away

by Tony Batman of

Texas/A Entertainment News -- Veteran Feature Entertainer and close friend to many, Erika Eve passed away Saturday morning at 3 a.m. in her home in Texas. According to her bio she was 33 years old.

Her husband Monte Reynolds found her. She leaves a daughter and a husband, we are gathering more information at this time. Of course there is no health or life insurance for Feature Entertainers. For those that would like to help the family financially during this hard time here is the address to send donations, flowers and cards.

The donations will be used to fund the funeral, as her death was very unexpected, Please make checks out to her husband Monte Reynolds, please send donations to 76579 Airport Road, Oakridge, Oregon 97463.

We here at the Private Dancer Magazine are deeply saddened by the news. We extend our condolences to Monte, her daughter and rest of Erika's family. May she rest in peace.




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