Private Dancer Launches Media Network

LOS ANGELES — Private Dancer Magazine (PDM) today launched their new venture titled Private Dancer Media Network (PDMN) the magazine’s 24-7 news website dedicated to covering the adult night club industry. The website has been in beta for a few months and now is finally available to the public.

"The Private Dancer Media Network is the newest place to find all the information you need about the adult night club industry and the media network will have content not found in our magazine or anywhere else on the net as our newest partners allows the brand to be taken in a new direction and introduced to an audience who may not know about the Private Dancer brand until now." said PDM Editor in Chief Jeremy Meyer

PDMN will become the Private Dancer Magazine's main portal for its content as well as new and old properties including Private Dancer TV that will be coming back after a few months on hiatus.

The network will also include exclusive content that will not be printed in the magazine like exclusive columns and reviews will be posted on the network. That is not all as magazine content will be published the month after the magazine hits the streets to give fans as well as the people featured in the magazine a way to promote them being featured or showing of the content to people not in the Private Dancer coverage area. The media network will include Private Dancer Magazine along with a variety of new content partners.

The network will also in include feature dancing schedules, parties and information on your favorite star signing as well as full coverage of adult industry events and conventions.

Private Dancer Magazine publisher Andy Enomoto said in a statement "The media network will take the property in a new direction and give our readers more content and a closer look into the industry they love so much."

Private Dancer Media Network can be found at and all adult industry companies are encouraged to send press releases to




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