2009 Deja Vu Showgirl of the Year
National Finals

Deja Vu Showgirls
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 14, 2009

photos by Mark Buirge


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09DOSTYgroup 09DOSTYtop4 09DOSTYwinner
09DOSTYtop4.jpg 09DOSTYwinner.jpg
09DSOTYaaliyah1 09DSOTYaly1 09DSOTYdiamond1
09DSOTYaaliyah1.jpg 09DSOTYaly1.jpg 09DSOTYdiamond1.jpg 
09DSOTYgizelle1 09DSOTYivy1 09DSOTYmerryjane1
09DSOTYgizelle1.jpg 09DSOTYivy1.jpg 09DSOTYmerryjane1.jpg 
09DSOTYriot1a 09DSOTYseven1 09DSOTYsierra1
09DSOTYriot1a.jpg 09DSOTYseven1.jpg  09DSOTYsierra1.jpg


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