From Rags To Riches (so to speak), 10 Years In The Making For PDM

When we first began Private Dancer Magazine, I had no idea how far we would come. My ambitions were modest; I wanted to create a little guide for people like myself; people in search of the best live adult entertainment in Southern California. Our first issue was no more than a little 'zine, printed in black and white on newsprint with no more than a few dozen readers. I certainly didn't think it would change my life.

But rather than change my life, my role as publisher of Private Dancer Magazine became my life. I have made so many friends in this wonderful industry over the past ten years, and I'm constantly surprised by the warmth, faith and love shown to me on a daily basis. The women of the adult industry are the most beautiful and fascinating in the world, and I've grown to admire their strength, creativity, talent and passion more than I can express in the few short lines I've given myself here.


The owners and staff of the fabulous clubs we feature in PDM have been - and continue to be - a pleasure to know and to work with. Many of you have become not just business associates but personal friends, and your belief in us has benefited this magazine immeasurably.

My staff is also incredible, and without them there would be no Private Dancer Magazine. Together we grew from a small, local rag to a respected magazine that features bestselling writers like Lily Burana and David Henry Sterry, and boasts covergirls like Dita Von Teese, Carmen Luvana and our present centerstage, Stormy Daniels. Our fans and followers include the finest and biggest celebrities the adult industry has to offer. We are a team like no other, and for those of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin I extend to you my deepest gratitude. Let's keep going!


Of course, all our work would be for naught without our readers, and we're lucky to have a loyal following that offers constant feedback and suggestions. We hear you, and we love to hear you. Write to us, talk to us, keep letting us know how to make this YOUR magazine.

As we embark on our second decade of success as Southern California's Undisputed Premiere Guide To The Adult Nightclub Industry, I want to wish everyone a prosperous and healthy 2006. Let's make sure the party never stops. You know how we do it!

With much love and respect,
Andy Enomoto
Publisher, Private Dancer Magazine

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