Private Dancer Magazine Presents:


The 2006 Exotic Dancer Showdown


Southern California's Hottest Performers To Compete For Big Money At Erotica L.A.



Private Dancer Magazine, Southern California's undisputed premiere guide to the Adult Nightclub Industry, is proud to present the "2006 Exotic Dancer Showdown" during Erotica Los Angeles, on June 23rd, 2006, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Erotica L.A. is hosted by Adult Video News magazine (AVN), the leader in adult industry information and news and one of the most successful producers of Adult Consumer Shows worldwide. It is the desire of Erotica L.A. to support the Adult Nightclub Industry given recent local events.

Due to its overwhelming success the past two years, Private Dancer Magazine once again has been licensed by Erotica L.A. to produce an exotic dancer competition at its event. Erotica L.A. looks forward to a greater participation from the Adult Nightclub Industry and the opportunity to provide an exciting show for its audience.

Some of the hottest, most talented exotic dancers representing Adult Nightclub chains from all over Southern California will be competing for up to $5,000 in cash and prizes on the XXX stage of Erotica L.A. Judges will be invited from the adult industry including acclaimed Feature Entertainers and Adult Video Stars.

The competition will be judged on these criteria: Overall Beauty, Talent & Performance and Audience Appeal. Each category is rated on a points scale and will be judged openly and fairly to maintain the utmost integrity. Remember it is our desire that the Adult Nightclub Industry demonstrate its unique entertainment value to the greater Southern California community through the mass coverage of this event.

Adult Nightclub Chains wanting to enter their top exotic dancer, must put up a $300 entry fee and register by June 19th. This special opportunity is on a first come-first serve basis. Each club can only sponsor one contestant.

For further information and to participate in this contest, please contact Private Dancer Magazine at (310) 819-3997 or by email at

Erotica Los Angeles is an annual adult entertainment marketplace being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 23-25, 2005.


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