Rockin' The Castle

Story by Nica Jensen
Photo by Andy Enomoto


PDM's DJ of Month for January 2006 is one of our long time favorites.  Fantasy Castle's Wayne has been rockin' the mike for five years plus, and his credo is simple: "I just want every night to be a party."

"I got into the night club business and I had no idea where I was going to go with it," Wayne says. At first I was managing clubs, but I got tired of going through ordeals with owners and I decided to deal with the girls instead."

Wayne found that spinning CDs was more his style, and he decided to keep doing what he does best.

"The best part of my job is the pay and probably just being able to rock the house and set the environment," he explains. "As for the music I play, I take a vibe off the customers and go from there and collage it all together like a tattoo."

A native Californian who hails from Downey, Wayne hopes to make his mark in both the music and fashion industries.

"I'm trying to start up my own little clothing line, it's called Straight Sikk, and I got a little band action going on as well," he says. "We're kind of like HED PE; we're a little bit of everything."

While Wayne loves his job at the Fantasy Castle, he admits juggling the professional and personal can be a bit tricky.

"My girlfriend works as the bartender at Fantasy Castle, and it can get kind of chaotic," he says candidly. "It's probably not the best way to be involved in a relationship, but most people outside of the industry see me as a pervert, as someone who's looking at T&A all day long."

If you want to get on Wayne's list of favorite people, don't assume he'd rather have a tip than a compliment.

"I worked last night and at least ten different customers thanked me for what I do best," Wayne says proudly. "You can't beat that, and that sometimes even feels better than getting some money."

You can catch Wayne at Fantasy Castle at 2800 Walnut Ave. in Signal Hill on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.  Call (562) 427-9657 for more details.



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