My Name Is Pason...
Miss Pason If You're Nasty



The Exotic Ballerina


Hailing from a city with less than 3000 people, Ringgold, GA to be exact, this months feature beauty is a rare find. Her name is Pason, Miss Pason if you're nasty!

At 5'1» 34B-22-32 this strawberry blonde bombshell has numerous accolades that both men and women appreciate. “Oh, I LOVE that I get to sign peoples chests and body parts! I love when women ask me to sign their boobs."

"I’m like a kid in a candy store, but I’m still respectful.” Some of her accomplishments include being named exotic dancer national champ, to best butt to Miss Northwest Georgia. Pason has appeared in over 80 magazines worldwide including Penthouse and has done film work for Wicked pictures (A Lighter Side Of Heather) and television as well (Playboy's Night Calls).

What she brings to the stage as a skilled professional would put the average g-string diva to shame! She is well versed in Professional Ballet and Jazz. This siren can currently be seen at the 4play genltemans club in Los Angeles.

She's not only PDM's current muse but her own as well. She's currently working on a biography. Committing to her passions and determined to survive at a ripe age “I was 17 years old when I started in the adult business.”

Her source of encouragement was relatively ironic. “It was actually my mom that told me I could survive on my own & my brothers couldn’t. Long story. My first semester at college, my Dad told me “to go escort or strip” to pay for college. That’s another long story.”

Pason's Zen like perspective on her career path is not common in this industry “Most people would view my past when I was in porn, etc. as crazy. To me, since I was living, it it was normal.“ She's also a woman of the people. When asked what her favorite part of the business was, she makes its clear that fan appreciation is a priority. “I love all aspects of the entertainment business but, when I'm performing as a feature, I get to make eye contact with people and meet them when I come off stage."

"I've had some of the most in depth conversations about anything you could think of which, I think is amazing. I think this part of the industry can put you in a comfort zone where you are not being judged and both parties egos are being stroked, so, that you can open up more.” Where as most performers just dim the lights when the flash develops, she take precautionary measures displaying a rare discipline in an a business full of negatives stereotypes when it comes to self control.

“I love to train. When I'm at home in Los Angeles, I go to my ballet class 3 days a week. Sometimes, I attend a private ballet class. Also, I do an hour of cardio 4 to 5 days a week, train myself in Pilates 3 days a week or more.”

She not only does it for for the physical benefits but for the her strong commitment to her background in the arts as well. Pason not only takes classes in pilates herself but trains others as well.

When asked what does she prefer to do during her leisure time she states “I also try to make some time for friends."

"I love fashion, art, red wine, architecture, the theater, traveling, new experiences, watching movies, & getting massages. "Wanna rub my feet?!” Calling all kinksters with a foot fetish!! We also delved into what was required of a significant other “I want to be with the person that I love and they love me."

"I need a man by my side. Someone that's honest, trustworthy, loving, supportive, passionate, understanding, generous, has a good job, responsible, respectful, puts family first, healthy (meaning mind, body and soul) or at least tries to be because no one is perfect." I would also say great sex!” This sounds, to me, like a hybrid of Ghandi, Evan Stone and a professional athlete.

There nothing more Pason values in life than life itself. Her website,, is always up to date on her current projects and ventures. When asked what's coming up in the near future, she informed Private Dancer that “

"I have a small role in an Indie Film called Tainted Rose. I got then was cast to pose for a Jeans company, and finally, to publish a coffee table art book. Then, more of what I do?"

You can expect to see much more of Pason internationally on film, tv, stage, feature dancing, commercials, & print. Be sure to stay current by visiting ms.pason's website and attending her features at 4PLAY.





Name: Pason
Height: 5'1"
Measurements: 34B-22-32
Hair color:
Strawberry Blonde

Eye color:
Dark Brown

Astrological sign: Aries
Nationality: A mix
Claim to Fame: Penthouse G-String Award
Silver Medalist
Showgirl Division

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