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Rising Web Starlet

Sarah Peachez

In between studio sessions at Sapphire (the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club) your Private Dancer Magazine correspondents caught up with Sarah Peachez, one of the hottest stars on the internet. Sarah captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide when her youthful radiance hit the internet when she was just 16 years old. And then when she turned 18 Sarah gave her fans a private look into her fantasies and passions via www.RealPeachez.com. Now that the sexy young celebrity has started crossing over to adulthood she is enthusiastically exploring all that stardom has to offer – and that includes performing live shows at clubs all over the world.

PDM: Sarah, thank you for taking time to talk to us about what you are working on. Most of our readers probably know you from your popular web sites. Tell us a little about who you really are, and how you got into the entertainment industry.

SARAH: Growing up in Southern California I was kind of a tom-boy. I liked to do things my own way. And then when my family and I moved to Las Vegas when I was 11 years old I discovered my wild-side. My friends and I would go out and do silly or crazy things, and I would take pictures and post them online. So that’s how it all got started.

PDM: What was your first experience in the business like?

SARAH: It was really great – a perfect fit for me! When I was 16 I met a photographer who gave me the opportunity to have my own web site. The first few days when I put my web site online it was a big hit and I started making a lot of money. It was so new! And exciting and interesting! And being only 16 made everything even better.

PDM: And that was just the start?

SARAH: Yeah – it kind of exploded from there. Posing for fashion or fitness shoots, and wearing bikinis or summer dresses was really fun because I've always had a passion for modeling and photography. And it gave me a chance to learn so much and develop an artistic eye. Then, as I got better and better at photography, my friends would ask me to take pictures of them for their modeling portfolios. And that's how I started working as a professional photographer - modeling portfolios of my girlfriends.

PDM: What is the craziest/funniest thing that ever happened to you in the business?

SARAH: Once when I was waiting for my shoot to start for a modeling assignment I noticed a PlayStation set up, so I just started playing "Land of the Dead" (I really like playing video games, and I’m awesome at first person shooters). I was doing really well, beating all the high scores. I was really into it, and then I suddenly noticed that everyone in the studio was crowding around me watching me kill zombies. They were really impressed and surprised that a little blonde girl was such a good shot. In the end I finished the game, and we wound up taking the entire photo shoot around the video game console. That was funny!

PDM: So, Sarah, tell our readers what is new and exciting in your world?

SARAH: There’s always something new and exciting in my world. Right now I’m expanding my production company to offer a larger variety of web sites and content. I want to be able to offer something totally different, and very personal, to my fans. So, I’m experimenting with my other talents, like dancing, acting, singing, and playing the guitar. I like to be impulsive, so I can't tell you now what to expect from me tomorrow, but whatever it is I guarantee it will always be bigger and better, hotter and more fun with each new day.





Courtesy of: A.I. Studios

Name: Sarah Peachez
Height: 5'6"
Measurements: 34-21-32
Hair color:
Strawberry Blonde

Eye color:
Sapphire Blue-Green

Astrological sign: Leo
Nationality: Italian, French, Irish & Swedish
website: www.RealPeachez.com
Claim to Fame: Hustler Centerfold June 2009

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