Deja Vu Crowns New National Showgirl of the Year

by Trace A. Grundstrom
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This years National Finals of Deja Vu's Showgirl of the Year Championships 2009 were executed at the Deja Vu Showgirls on January 14th of this year. And if it seems awfully soon for the chain's yearly event to come rolling through town again, you are absolutely right. A recent corporate decision changed the dates of the Showgirl of the Year to January, so winners may keep their titles for one entire calendar year.

This January festivities were simply amazing. Not only was this major circuit competition being held at Las Vegas’ premiere nightspot but it would also be the perfect spot for regional finalist's to prove themselves after preparing for the onslaught all year. For national finalist's had to first conquer their home club's to win a spot at the national's. Sound easy? It's not. The ten National contestant's had to first battle it out at local level and then regional level at Deja Vu's across the country. This sometimes involves hundred's of girls. And breaking it down to ten finalists was no piece of cake either. Every year there are so many great performers entering the competition, plus last year’s runners-up that are taking another shot at greatness. And try winning a top title that is regarded to be in the top five performance pageants on the planet today, with ten or so national magazine photographers blinding you through your entire show. Or how about a handful of syndicated video crews mapping out your every spin and turn for television and the internet, while a panel of judges which are usually movie directors, sports figures and industry folk alike, critique everything about you, and your little dog too. There is also paranoia of props failing, slipping and falling, catty contestants and the deejay screwing up your music. That is serious pressure my friend, and winning is only part of the game, surviving is the ultimate goal.

This year’s panel of judges would score four major categories. Evening Gown, Couch Dancing, Bikini and Stage Performance. Each of these divisions were very important for gathering points, with Stage Performance holding most of the spotlight.
Opening night produced crowds of curious patrons, who lined the entranceway of the stunning Déjà vu Showgirls, which was almost filled to capacity. This bright gem of the Deja Vu chain stocks well over 150 showgirls of its own. And if you could picture a 400 capacity show club jammed to the rafters with naked entertainers working the stages and industry royalty jamming the VIP rooms, you would soon come to realize where the chain got its slogan: "Where the Party Never End's." The floor staff and management of the Las Vegas locale worked their fingers to the bone in preparation of this competition. This year’s 10 national contestants were:

Aaliyah-Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Redland’s, CA
Aly-Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Washington Park, IL
Diamond-Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, CA
Gizelle-Déjà Vu of North Hollywood, CA
Ivy-Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club San Diego, CA
Merry Jane-Little Darlings Lemon Grove, CA
Riot-Larry Flynt’s Hustler New Orleans, LA
Seven-Déjà Vu of Springfield, IL
Taylor-Barely Legal New Orleans, LA
Sierra-Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco, CA

Backstage, the dressing room buzzed like a beehive. The stage crew carried props to designated locations, pools, props and costumes rolled through the room like a Broadway play at intermission. Contestants helped each other get ready for their shows and wished each other luck. There is a lot of sister hood between Deja Vu entertainers, and it is nice to see such moral confidence among competitors. And since at least one tenth of the big feature performers today have come, at one time or another, from a Deja Vu club, I realized not only was I observing history in the making, but I was also seeing a new generation of future stage stars. Wow…

The opening of the show took off like a rocket, with all eyes front and center. Show after blazing show unraveled across the clubs main stage to deafening waves of applause. But as the night began to come to an end, it was time to rip the score sheets out of the judge’s hands, and pick a winner for the 2009 show…

As the events host hit the stage, the crowd lowered the volume, and the gorgeous ladies lined-up on stage. The host faced the crowd and began: "In the 3rd runner-up position from the Deja Vu of Springfield, Illinois, Seven. In the second runner-up position, from Barely Legal of New Orleans, the lovely Taylor. In the first runner-up position, from the Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco, the insatiable Sierra. And the winner of the 2009 Showgirl of the Year crown was none other than Diamond, of the Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, Ohio. Diamond accepted her crown from with tears of joy running down her cheeks. Congratulations Diamond!

We would like to thank the management and floor staff of the Déjà Vu of Las Vegas for their kind hospitality and fast-stepping service…see you next year!!

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