Exotic Dancer Professor FAWNIA MONDEY-DIETRICH


"Life is not about how many breaths we take, but about how many moments take our breath away." - Fawnia Mondey Dietrich Name: Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich

Age: 30

Eyes: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'4"

Measurements: 36A-24-34

Claim To Fame:

Produced World's 1st Instructional Pole Dance DVD We first became aware of Fawnia Mondey several years ago, when her instructional videos first busted out on the scene. Stripping wasn't quite in vogue yet, and the average mall chick had no idea what "pole dancing" meant - or that she'd soon be dying to learn how to do it. But Fawnia had the gift of Zeitgeist, and she somehow knew the art of striptease was ripe for a revival. Many dancers (myself included) still count her VHS tape "Dance Moves and Floor Work" among the many tools of our trade.

Baby faced and vixen-bodied, the Canadian born Fawnia is at once a blonde bombshell, and the girl next door; the chick you'd do anything to spend a night with and the girl you want to bring home to Mom. There's really nothing nasty about Fawnia. Despite her expertise on the stage floor and the pole, she exudes an innocence that makes her a favorite with men and women alike. "I became a dancer because I wanted a job that paid well,"

Fawnia admits. "I've always enjoyed the theater and performing arts, so exotic dancing was my choice of work. Being a dancer in Western Canada during the mid-90s was very exciting. We performed 18 minute shows with theme costumes, fire, and beautiful pole tricks." Although Fawnia retired from dancing in 1996, she has continued to work in the adult industry and instruct dancers on how to put "art" into their bump and grind routines. "My family is very proud of what I've done," she claims. "They think it's wonderful that I self-produced the world's first instructional DVD on how to pole dance.

My career as a teacher keeps me very busy, and it's very time demanding." Fortunately (or unfortunately, as far as our male readers are concerned) Fawnia has an extremely supportive husband to help her de-stress. "My husband is extremely supportive, understanding and proud," she gushes. "I really value sincerity, confidence, and the ability to be real, and I have found all of that in him."

While Fawnia has been featured in magazines such as Penthouse, Muscle Mag International, American Curves and Muscle and Fitness, Private Dancer Magazine holds a special place in her heart. "I remember seeing Private Dancer Magazine in 1999 while living in Vancouver, and thought it would be really exciting to be on the cover," she recalls. "Private Dancer Magazine does an excellent job in uniting the clubs, the dancers, and their fans.

As the worlds first exotic dance teacher, I thank them for their work in the industry." For new dancers who want to learn from the best, Fawnia can teach you everything you need to know in 6 weeks or less. "I teach more than 80 different pole, dance and floor moves, and how to put the moves together into routines. My classes are 4-6 weeks, and I teach everything you need to put on a great show." Next on Fawnia's "to do" list is the opening of her new "Pole Fitness Studio in ______________." "It will compliment my current school at the Body In Mind & Fitness Boutique," she explains. "I also plan to expand my instructional videos."

You can learn more about Fawnia and her instructional videos at the following websites: http://www.OfficiallyFawnia.com

Health & Fitness by Fawnia. http://www.FawniaMondey.net

Rare and Never before Seen - Fawnia! Updated daily. http://www.ExoticDanceSchool.com since 1995 Learn Pole Dancing, Striptease, Fitness, Exotic Dancing, Instructional DVDs, Poles, Certifications.

























Fans interested in contacting

Fawnia can write her at:


Fawnia Mondey Dietrich

631 N. Stephanie St. #162 Henderson, NV 89014


USA Toll Free: (866) 890-1429 *


Location: Body In Mind Beauty & Fitness Boutique 


story by NICA JENSEN

photos by DAVID OLIVER

make-up by KEITH BECK

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