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Wicked Pictures No. 1 Contract Star,

Stormy Daniels

We knew choosing our Tenth Anniversary Centerstage wouldn't be easy.

With all the beautiful, sexy women we've

met and photographed in the past ten years, it was hard to imagine what one fascinating lovely could embody the best of the past yet personify our hopes for the future. We sat deadlocked in the PDM bunker, considering everything from a group photo of our scruffy but lovable staff, to going for a retro feel, perhaps showcasing our first Centerstage girl in a brand new pictorial. Somehow, nothing sounded quite right.

The gods must have taken pity, for they responded with "You mean a girl like THIS?" and into our laps (pardon the pun) fell a girl who was everything we wanted and then some.

Private Dancer Magazine is thrilled to present a woman who brings it all to the table: beauty, ambition, brains, talent and sex appeal. You know her as Stormy Daniels, one of the hottest adult film actresses and screenwriters in the world. We salute her here as one of our own; a magnetic feature dancer who has given such mad love to PDM that we're all but speechless. So we'll let the pictures do the talking, as we reward loyal PDMphiles with some extra-yummy eye candy: the gorgeous, inimitable Stormy.

Not since Jenna Jameson has the adult industry seen so much business savvy and star quality rolled into one petite, busty blonde. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Stormy migrated to Los Angeles a mere three and a half years ago. Surprisingly, it was not to seek fame and fortune for herself, but simply to help out a friend.

"I had been touring as a feature dancer for about two years when Devon [Michaels] asked if I'd come with her to Los Angeles for a Wicked audition," Stormy explains. "I wanted to be there to give her moral
support, because she really helped me when I first started featuring."

But when the second actress didn't show up for Devon's audition, Wicked Pictures' Brad Armstrong asked Stormy if she would fill in. Stormy agreed.

"Brad really liked me," she says, perhaps understating it a bit. "I was supposed to stay for five days, but Wicked offered me a contract and I've been here ever since."

Suddenly thrust into the world of porn, Stormy found adult films to be both liberating and financially rewarding.

"I really liked it immediately, and I was pretty much booked every day," she says. "At first I only did girl/girl scenes, but once I got the contract I became a lot more versatile."

Stormy claims the hardest part of her job is not the work itself but the "stigma" that accompanies the title of "porn star."

"Some people think that because I do this for a living, that it means I'll do it with them," she explains. "I love what I do and I'm good at it, but people shouldn't assume other things about me from that."

Even as her star continues to rise, Stormy's love of stage performing will keep her a permanent fixture on the feature dance circuit for a long time to come.

"I love strippers," she says. "When I'm old and retired and rich and mean, I think I'll own a strip club!"

And as for her shows, "I'm one of the only adult stars that does the 'old showgirl' stuff," she says. "I do very involved routines."

Stormy has begun writing screenplays for Wicked, and her present contract obligates her not merely as a performer, but as a writer and director, too. She is currently up for an AVN award for Best Screenplay for her film, "Camp Cuddly Pines Power Massacre." And Stormy has just finished writing and directing her latest movie "Three Wishes" which is due out sometime in spring 2006.

"It's the first movie that I've written, directed and starred in," she says. Stormy also received a Best Actress nomination for the innovative film, "Eternity."

"Eternity is up for a lot of awards," she says proudly. "It was shot on actual film, and was the longest and hardest film I've ever done. I had to learn fencing, and wear incredibly tight corsets every day. It was very grueling."

She also appeared in the DVD version of the mainstream film The 40 Year Old Virgin, courtesy of a clip from her film "Space Nuts," which was featured in the movie.

"Mainstream exposure is great," she says, "but it's not something I'm really pursuing. I'm absolutely happy with the way my life is going."

Lest we forget the most important news (at least to us!) Stormy will be hosting Private Dancer Magazine's 10th Anniversary Gala. Log onto for info.


For more information about the beautiful Stormy and details on her upcoming films and appearances, check out her official website at:








Story by:  Nica Jensen
Photos by: Keith Munyan
Make-up by: Emma Dixon

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